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Super Stunts  :: Super Joe & Jumpin' Jamie
Super Stunts  :: Super Joe & Jumpin' Jamie
Super Stunts  :: Super Joe & Jumpin' Jamie


“Super Joe” Reed is the “oldest”, “active”, “living” motorcycle daredevil in history!!!

At the age of 45, he is also ‘the only' motorcycle daredevil who writes, produces, directs, promotes and performs his own stunts, and productions.

"I have a history, of ‘pulling off the impossible'. No matter what the obstacle may be."

ABC Television Network -“That's Incredible”!
ABC Network News
ABC Affiliate News-TX

ABC Affiliate News-TX

ABC, NBC, CBS-TX (Stories on movie project)
ABC, NBC, CBS-TX (Stories on movie/T.V. project)

ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN-NV (Worldwide)
Syndicated T.V./worldwide distribution' “Spectacular World of Guinness Records”

CNN, Movieline (‘E'), CNN (Worldwide)

Semi-retired - Worked on designs for a 1280 acre action -adventure theme park/resort, of my own ‘creation'.

ABC, CBS, NBC, WB, UPN News. KLSX radio-'Live' (3-segments) LA

ABC affiliate-LA (2-segments) KLOS radio- ‘Live' (LA)
“Real T.V.” (4-segments)

“Real T.V.” (1-segment) FOX affiliate LA
FOX Network (Worldwide) “When Stunts Go Bad, Part 2”
“Extra” (Worldwide) “E.T.” (Worldwide)

Appearances (Broadcast)

FOX Network - “Guinness World Records, Prime Time” (& '99 “repeat”)
Action T.V.- FOX Family Channel (Worldwide)
Real T.V. (3-stories to date) (Worldwide)
Discovery (Worldwide)
The Learning Channel (Worldwide)
“Life, Camera, Action”-FOX Family Channel (3 segments to date)

Anytime I want to get on Network, National, syndicated, cable or ‘major-market' local television... I get on.

Local and Network T.V. stories (news) 12-stories total

“I Dare You” – UPN (Network) February & July
“Real T.V.” – 2 stories, in May & July (4-segments), produced 4 additional stories
Local and network T.V. stories (news) 5-stories so far

“Real T.V.” – 4 stories, in Feb., May, June
“I Dare You” – Telemundo (in Spanish) broadcast in more than 17 countries.
“Ripley's-Believe It or Not” – TBS (Cable network) 2 airings, March & June.
“Guinness World Records, Prime Time” – International distribution, to more than 20 countries.
“When Stunts Go Bad-Part 2” – International Distribution, 20-coutries.

Fox T.V. news, local affiliate, plus national coverage off the wire services. 4-stories aired.
“Good Day L.A.” stories on “24-in-24” World Records. ‘Live' interviews, and taped story material.
KABC (ABC affil. News) on female mx racers, ‘moonlighting' as daredevils.
Orange County Register, plus wire services coverages, on ‘our' “24-in-24” World Records. “Cover Story”.
“Good Day Today” – Nationally syndicated 1-hour version/show of “Good Day L.A.”. Different stories and interviews. All broadcast ‘Live'.
Re-appearances on: Telemundo Networks, + “Real T.V.” Int'l, “Guinness Int'l. distribution.
Cox Communications interview/retrospective. Shown regionally, So. Cal .

N.A.T.P.E. winner of the annual “Pitch Me” competition. 128 entrants (from all over the world), 1-Grand Prize. For ‘new', original program ideas.


Super Joe Reed



Super Joe Reed Dare Devil



Super Joe Reed Dare Devil



Super Joe Reed Dare Devil